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For Gamers. By Gamers

We'd like to say we came up with this line out of pure awesome imagination, but we really play too. The RazerStore is run by hardcore gamers so you know you're with people you can trust. We don't just sell great products, we make them a part of your gaming experience. From your choice of elite gaming tools, to snagging a platform finish with top kills, all the while getting unreal support for your Razer product every frag of the way.

Ultimate Destination to get the right information

Everything you need to know about our products is here. With us, you get the best support, advice, and the most accurate information of our products. Ever wondered if the sales guy at the mall knows what he's talking about? Dude probably doesn't even know how to deal with a scroll-wheel that clicks, much less 17 IMBA buttons.

Excellent Warranty + Return Policy

Buying a Razer product from Razer Store is like buying a one-up on your life scale. From a 30-day full refund policy up to a 2-yr maximum warranty for certain products, you don't just pay for a tool; you get peace of mind while leveling to 99.

Most Up-to-Date + Largest Array of Razer Products

Looking for a one-stop shop for all things Razer? We're it. From the latest Razer mice to the snazziest Razer tees you can't find anywhere else. You get that Razer you want, when you want it. There's also no better place to get exclusive Razer deals and swags than right here at the Razer Store. Dude want Razer? Dude get Razer.

Safe and Secure Shopping

Just like no one likes an adversary from a rival team staring at your screen while you creep behind wood stacks, we make sure your personal details are safe and protected whenever you make any purchases with us. We respect your privacy and we'll never sell or rent your personal information. NEVER.

Fast Processing + Delivery

Make your order/s before 11am CDT (North America) daily (excluding weekends and public holidays) and your order goes out the warehouse the very same day. Savor the satisfaction of your opponents' reactions when you return after a shameful defeat right the next day and totally start owning their bases. Oh yeah, that's right.

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