Razer Flask

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We recognize your body’s constant need for fluids, especially necessary during hardcore gaming marathons. So contain your energy boosting liquids and hydrate with our stylish Razer human coolant and fluid replenishing containment unit – otherwise known as the Razer flask.

Imbibing from this sturdy aluminum 500ml vessel will empower you with the same powerful energy that athletes and pro-gamers possess to help them win in their respective sports. You’d like to be fist-pumpingly victorious at gaming wouldn’t you?

Aluminum construction

  • The Razer flask may or may not be able to stop bullets but at least it’s made of sturdy enough aluminum to take on the hardships of your everyday existence.

Technical Specifications
  • Aluminum construction
  • Approximate Size : 99 mm / 3.90” (Length) x 67 mm / 2.64” (Width) x 35 mm / 1.38” (Height)
  • Approximate Weight: 68 g / 0.15 lbs