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The new Razer Mamba

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The Razer Mamba features gaming grade wireless technology with a hybrid system that enables instant wired/wireless functionality. Coupled with an industry leading 1ms polling rate, it is the fastest performing mouse both on and off the cord. Delivering true wireless freedom, lag-free speed and ergonomic comfort, the Razer Mamba is in a league of its own.

Gaming-Grade Wireless Technology
The Razer Mamba gaming grade wireless technology is engineered to free you from the reins while achieving the highest gaming standards. Its ability to be polled at an interval of 1ms maximizes the frequency at which data is sent to the PC. This also means your command gets executed first even if you and your opponent react at the same time.

Dual Mode Wired/Wireless Functionality
The Razer Mamba's dual mode wired/wireless functionality allows you to switch between the wireless freedom and the frenzy of wired play, with zero downtime for charging. By connecting the Razer Mamba via its USB cable, it converts into a wired mouse - the gamer is then freed from battery life concerns as the battery is also charged while in wired mode.

Razer Synapse Onboard Memory
With its upgraded Razer Synapse onboard memory, the Razer Mamba enables you to store more profiles and longer macro strings on your mouse without the need for software. You can now take your custom mouse settings to any tournament or LAN party, without the hassle of any software.

Charging Dock
Included with the Razer Mamba is its charging dock which also acts as the wireless receiver unit.

Technical Specifications

  • Gaming Grade Wireless Technology
  • Dual Mode Wired/Wireless Functionality
  • Razer Synapse On-board Memory
  • Seven independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • 5600DPI Razer Precision 3.5G Laser sensor
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response rate
  • Up to 200 inches per second*/ 50g acceleration
  • Approximate size: 128mm x 70mm x 42.5mm
  • Battery Life: up to 14hrs (continuous gaming); 72 hours (normal gaming usage)
    *Depends on surface used
System Requirements
  • PC / Mac with USB port
  • Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows® XP or Mac OS X (v10.4 and above)
  • Internet connection (for driver installation)
  • At least 35MB of hard disk space

Customer Testimonials

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  2. 1. Mikkel on 1/28/10 rated this product: 

    This is the best gaming mouse I have ever used! on my razer destructor it feels like the mamba is flying. its just one thing... my scrol whell can be moved left and right and makes this sound witch is kinda anoying, but when I got my razer megalodon on my head I almost cant hear anything so not really a big problem fore me :D

  3. 2. grenzoa on 1/23/10 rated this product: 

    I've been through more than my fair share of gaming mice, and I rarely use one for more than a few months until I start to hate little things about it. I dare say this is the mouse that has changed my habit. From ergonomic features like the way it fits every curve of my hand, the perfectly placed thumb and sensitivity buttons, and the notched scroll wheel to the absolute win of the performance, I can't believe it took me this long to discover the perfect mouse. Wireless, this mouse outperforms even the best wired mice I've used and there is no fear of tangles or drag. Battery life is what I would expect. I get about 8 hours of solid use out of it, but it only takes about 2 to recharge, and it only takes a few seconds to plug in the cable.

    The only thing I'm torn about is whether to order 5 of these so I'm never without a mamba, or wait to see what else razer comes out with.

  4. 3. Gunny on 1/21/10 rated this product: 

    I have been using the Mamba for a little over a month now. During that time, I purchased the Naga to compare the two since the Naga had just released the 2.0 software upgrade, which I could have enjoyed. The problem was I had purchased the Mamba first! See the Mamba is like a curse, once you use it there will be no other mouse that fits your hand quite so well. So as much as I loved the Naga, it went back. The Mamba stayed as the Current Mouse of choice on my Desk! Go buy one for yourself, I guarantee you will find the same thing! A little more for the $$$, but trust me, the comfort in your hand and all of the other Mamba features make it well, seems justifiable!

    Happy Gaming ~~ Gunny

  5. 4. Abbe on 1/21/10 rated this product: 

    I've had this mouse for a few months now and I love it! It's the best mouse I've ever had!

    I have never known if I should buy a wireless or a wired, wireless is slower than with a wire, but with this mouse I dont have to choose!! I can just switch to wireless whenever I want.

    Really great job with this mouse, razer!

    // Razer customer

  6. 5. Arkalight on 1/17/10 rated this product: 

    I stepped up from a G5 logitech which I thought couldn't get any better. Then I finally broke down and bought this mouse. Holy D*man! I was hitting targets in battlefield 2 that I could just barely see. This mouse is so accurate that it felt like I was cheating!!! I thought gaming mice couldn't make a difference but I was proven so, so wrong. I can't wait for star craft 2 to come out and use this mouse to play it. David Kim hasn't got a prayer if I play with this mouse. I cannot recommned this mouse highly enough. Especially to all the hardcore G5 zealots. You will believe.


Q:  Can I switch to different profile on the fly?
A:  You could assign a button to switch to a particular profile. This option is available on the pull down menu of button assignment page (of the Mamba configurator).

Q:  Can I use my Mamba without the battery?
A:  Your Mamba will work without the battery installed. Just remove the battery, attach the USB cable and put the mouse in "off" mode.

Q:  Can the Razer Mamba communicate with other receivers than the one it is paired with?
 A:  No.

Q:  Does Razer have Windows 7 drivers available or can I use Vista drivers on Windows 7?
A:  Razer will release Win 7 driver for all of its current product line. Please see the following link regarding the availability of upcoming Windows 7 drivers for all Razer Products and what to do if you are currently using Windows 7. http://www.razersupport.com/windows7/razer-windows-7/

Q:  Does the Razer Mamba have any security features?
A:  The Razer Mamba utilizes a proprietary wireless protocol. The pairing of the charging dock and mouse utilizes a proprietary pairing protocol. No encryption of the signal is made as this would affect performance.

Q:  Does the Razer Mamba have dynamic power scaling?
A:  No, the Razer Mamba is tuned for gaming performance and all hardware equipment is provided with the required power at a constant rate. It does however utilize Power Management where it enters into a standby state after it remains idle for a few minutes. This is done to extend the time before a recharge is required.

Q:  Does the Razer Mamba have mouse prediction?
A:  No, the Razer Mamba does not use prediction.

Q:  Does the Razer Mamba work with Macintosh OSX?
A:  Yes, Razer released a Mac drivers for the Mamba in October of 2009. The driver supports Mac OS 10.4-10.6. You can find all the latest downloads and drivers at http://www.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=view. Please note that firmware updates for the Razer Mamba must all be performed on a PC platform.

Q:  How do I flash the new Firmware to my Mamba?
A:  Go to http://www.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=view&parentcategoryid=29&pcid=0&nav=0 and select the latest available Firmware for your Mamba. You then select your OS (in green) under the download section to install the Mamba Firmware updater. Be sure to read all the FAQs before installing the updater. After you have installed the updater please go to Programs/Razer/Mamba/FW Updater on your computer to run the updater program. The program will direct you how to install the latest firmware on both your mouse and charging dock. After flashing the firmware you can verify the installation by looking under the "Lighting and Maintenance" tab in the Mamba Configurator and viewing what version of the FW is currently installed on your unit.

Q:  How do I minimize interference in the environment?
 A:  Many products use the same 2.4GHz frequency band to operate. To minimize interference, remove all devices and peripherals (e.g.: wireless keyboard, mice and mobile phones etc) that may potentially cause signal interference around the surrounding area and minimize the distance between Razer Mamba and the charging dock.

Q:  How do I verify what version of the FW and Driver I have installed on my Mamba?
A:  Open the Mamba configurator and click on the “Lighting and Maintenance” tab. It should open a page where you can view what versions are currently installed.

Q:  How does the latency of the Razer Mamba compare to other wireless mouse technologies?
A:  o Bluetooth – 14ms
o Generic 2.4Ghz – 8ms
o Gaming Grade 2.4Ghz – 2ms
o Razer Mamba – 1ms

Q:  How does the Razer Mamba accomplish to have an extended battery life?
 A:  - The Razer Mamba’s Laser sensor is able to deliver gaming-grade performance while drawing less power.

- It uses a high-grade, rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer battery.

· The Razer Mamba was designed for gaming performance with an extended battery life. This is accomplished with optimized electronics and power management.

Q:  How does the Razer Mamba achieve a 1ms polling rate?
A:  Ultrapolling is a hardware level optimization. The mouse hardware, wireless transmission and reception and USB communications are tuned to send information from the mouse hardware to the PC at a 1000 times a second (A frequency of 1000Hz / a 1ms interval).

Q:  How does the weight of the Mamba compare to other wireless mice?
A:  Weight of MX 1000 -169g
Weight of G7 with battery -134g
Weight of G7 without battery -115g

Q:  How far can is the wireless range of the Mamba. How far can I place the Charging Dock away from the mouse?
A:  To minimize any possible interference we suggest keeping the mouse as close as you can to the charging dock. Generally speaking anything under 1 meter should be fine. The farther you go past 1 meter, the more likely you are to pick up interference and thus problems. We have successfully tested the Mamba at much greater distances, but every environment differs with the type and amount of interference they have.

Q:  How long does it take to fully charge the battery on my Mamba?
A:  Depleted battery will be fully charged in about 3-4 hours with the switch in the "off" position, with the switch in "on" position 3- 5 hours. For best results, we recommend charging in the "off" position.

Q:  How long should the charge on my battery last on the Razer Mamba?
A:  Continuous Gaming Usage - up to 14 hours. Normal Gaming Usage - 72 hours

Q:  How much better is the Razer Mamba interference management as compared to other wireless gaming mice?
A:  Other wireless mice and wireless gaming mice have similar issues whereby the cursor may appear not to be responding once every two to three hours of gameplay. We have equipped the Razer Mamba with an inbuilt DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology in combination with an interference detection technology which enables the Razer Mamba to detect and avoid noisy channels. As such, the cursor error response rate is minimized on the Razer Mamba to once every five hours or more depending on how noisy the environment is.

Q:  How much does the Razer Mamba weigh?
A:  : With Battery - 129g. Without Battery - 108g

Q:  I am getting a "No Mamba Mouse Detected" when I try to open the configuration software.
 A:  When you see the "No Mamba Mouse Detected" screen, please open up device manager and check whether firmware driver is installed correctly. The following is the steps.

1. Right click on My Computer.
2. Select "manage" option.
3. Click "Device Manager" at the left menu selection.
4. Expand the last item which is "Universal Serial Bus controllers".

If the driver is installed correctly, you should see a "Freescale JM60 Bootloader" device inside.

If you cannot not see this “Freescale JM60 Bootloader” device in device manager, please unplug your Mamba, ensure power switch is in OFF position, press and hold pairing button and plug in Mamba again. By doing so, you should see this “Freescale JM60 Bootloader” device appear and you should be able to update firmware using the application.

Please let us know if you tried the following steps and the results.

Q:  I cannot get my Mamba to update the FW.
A:  1) Please be sure you are holding down the pairing button on the Mamba while you are connecting the USB cable before running the update.

2) If you are running a Vista 64 bit OS please be sure to read the following:

The drivers required to download firmware data to your Razer Mamba mouse and docking station do not contain a digital signature.This means, before installing the Mamba Firmware Updater, you will need to boot your system with driver signature enforcement disabled. To do this, you will first need to restart your system and access the “Advanced Boot Options” menu. You can access this by tapping the F8 key after boot-up has passed the initial information screen. Once you have successfully entered the “Advanced Boot Options” menu, use the cursor keys and navigate down to the option for “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”, press Enter to boot into Windows. This will enable all drivers to install correctly.

Q:  I do not want to install Raptr on my computer.
A:  Simply hit skip when the computer gives you the option to install Raptr during the driver installation process.

Q:  I tried to flash the new Firmware to my Mamba and it does not work now.
 A:  Please try to flash the firmware again. We have seen this happen when one of the steps was missed while attempting to flash the Firmware. Please be sure to double check the following when flashing the FW.

Make sure the mouse is in the “off” position when flashing the mouse
Be sure you are pressing the mouse pairing button when you connect the mouse to the USB port to start the update process. You can release it once it has been plugged in for a few seconds and before you hit the “next” icon.
If you are using Vista 64 bit, make sure your driver signature enforcement disabled. (See the notes on the download page regarding more details about how to do this.)
If you see any pop ups from Windows regarding bootloader mode or drivers, let them run automatically and ignore them.
Please use only XP 32 bit, Vista 32 bit or Vista 64 bit to flash the firmware. No other OS will successfully flash the firmware.
Please make sure any previous versions of the updater are uninstalled before you install a new one.
Make sure you complete the entire process. You should flash both the dock and the mouse during the update procedure.
After flashing the firmware please be sure to pair the mouse to the dock again.

Q:  Mamba always seems to be charging, the green LEDS are always going up and down. Will it ever reach 100% charge?
A:  You may see this if you are charging your Mamba in the "on" mode. In this mode the battery is supplying some power to parts of the mouse circuitry. Therefore, the mouse will always be in at least a trickle charge mode and the lights with continue to flash. (The trickle charge mode is a very, very low current charge)

Q:  My battery will not hold a charge or will not fully charge, or the battery life is not as long as it should be.
A:  Please check the following to insure your battery is being charged to its fullest potential.

1. Be sure you Mamba has the latest FW installed. To check this please open the Mamba Configurator and look under the “Lighting and Maintenance” tab. Verify the FW version is 1.03v or above. If not please got to the downloads section at www.razersupport.com and flash the latest FW to your mouse and docking station. Be sure to go to Programs/Razer/Mamba/FW Updater to run the program after you have downloaded it.

2. Be sure you have plugged the Mamba into a USB port that is located directly on the back of your computer. Non powered USB hubs will not have the current needed to properly charge your Mamba.

3. Be sure that you are charging your Mamba in the “off” mode. Your Mamba should reach a full charge in approximately 4-5 hours when charging in the “off’ mode.

4. If you are charging the Mamba on the docking station please be sure that the contacts on the charging dock and the bottom of the mouse are free of any dirt, oils or debris. You may want to use a pencil eraser to lightly clean them.

Q:  My cursor drifts sometimes or seems to move on its own when I play music
A:  The Mamba is a very sensitive and precise device, especially at high resolutions. If the mouse is operated near a source of vibration (hard drive, table fan, sub-woofer etc) the sensor may pick up these vibrations as movement, causing the cursor to slowly drift. This effect may be made worse with a “springy” mouse pad, which may amplify the amount of movement experienced. You may wish to relocate the vibration source away from your desk top to help prevent this movement.

Q:  My Mamba works perfectly in wireless mode; but when I try to plug the mini-usb jack into the Mamba to turn it into a wired mouse, it does not have a good connection.
A:  My Mamba works perfectly in wireless mode; but when I try to plug the mini-usb jack into the Mamba to turn it into a wired mouse, it does not have a good connection. Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it looks like it loses power, then regains it, and goes back and forth. Sometimes this sends weird noise across my USB hub and causes all my devices to temporarily lock up until I unplug the USB cord from the computer and then plug it back in. The Razer Mamba needs to be connected to a powered USB hub. During the charging process the Mamba draws too much current from a non powered hub and can cause these problems. For best results plug the Mamba directly into the back of a computer.

Q:  Occasionally my charging LEDs will turn red and the charging sequence seems to stop and restart itself.
A:  As soon as the Mamba senses any movement, whether it is in your hand or just sitting there, the LEDs will momentarily change from indicating a charging sequence to indicating a DPI setting. Rest assured that your Mamba continues to charge when this happens.

Q:  What are the default DPI Settings on the Razer Mamba?
A:  There are 5 Settings available on the Razer Mamba by default: 800, 1200, 1800, 4000, and 5600. 1800DPI is the default setting.

Q:  What are the inches per second intervals vs. DPI? What is the IPS on the lowest DPI setting?
A:  The entire speed range can be covered at all DPI settings (so no interval).

Q: What are the LEDs on the side of the Razer Mamba?
A: They serve 2 purposes. When the Mamba is in use the LEDs represent the sensitivity setting of the Mamba. While in the charging mode they will represent battery life. More details on this can be found on the Master Guide. This can be downloaded at www.razersupport.com.

Q:  What do I do when pairing fails?
A:  : Unplug the dongle and switch off the mouse. Plug in the dongle again, switch on and repeat the pairing process.

Q:  What if I prefer other dpi settings on my Razer Mamba?
 A:  800 DPI is the minimum gaming-grade DPI setting, as seen on the Razer Salmosa. If lower DPI values are desired, they are able to be configured via the software drivers.

Q:  What is Raptr and what is raptr_installer.exe?
 A:  Raptr is a free social platform for people who play games. For more information regarding Raptr and its partnership with Razer, please see the following links.



Q:  What is the lift-off distance for the Razer Mamba from the mouse surface?
A:  Typical 1mm, same as for the Razer Lachesis sensor.

Q:  What is the Razer Mambas wired latency?
A:  1ms (Ultrapolling)

Q:  What type of mouse pad is recommended for use with the Razer Mamba?
A:  The Razer Mamba mouse will work best on hard pads due to its enhanced sensor. We would recommend the Razer Destructor and the Razer Exactmat. Thank you

Q:  When I click rapidly on my Razer Mamba I sometimes see the cursor move or jitter a bit.
A:  The Razer Mamba’s tracking sensor is extremely precise and when it is set at high levels of sensitivity, can sometimes detect movements caused by the slight shifting of your hand or the pressure you put into the mouse pad when you click. This effect can be amplified when using softer mousing surfaces as the precision of the sensor picks up even the slightest movement.

Most users should not experience this issue but a small proportion of users who hold the mouse and click a certain way will experience this. If you experience this issue, we have a round Ultraslick O-ring you can add around the Mamba’s sensor to help prevent this from happening. If you would like one of these Ultraslick O-rings please contact Razer Support at the following link.

Click Here

Please be sure to include your address and we will get a Ultraslick ring sent out to you ASAP.

Q:  Where can I get the latest drivers, software, and manuals for my Razer product?
A:  Please click HERE, select your product, and you can download the latest drivers, firmware updates, and documentation available for your product.

Q:  Where do I find the serial number for the Razer Mamba?
 A:  The serial number of the Mamba Mouse can be found underneath the pull tab in the battery compartment. It should start with PM. The serial number for the charging dock is located underneath the dock. The dock and the mouse will usually have the same serial number with the exception of the 7th character. This will be a “D” on the charging dock and a “0” on the mouse.

Q:  Why does my Razer Mamba not respond when my PC comes out of hibernation?
A:  The Razer Mamba will enter into power saving mode to conserve power after 7 minutes of inactivity. Simply press a mouse button or move the mouse to exit the power saving mode (even after your system has resumed from hibernation).